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Do's & Don'ts


  • Trust your employees.
  • Be certain that you and your employees complete any surveys, feedback forms, or other evaluations tools that your employer requests.
  • Use your telework arrangement as a new way to optimize your managing skills.
  • Manage by results. Results are what is important, not face-to-face time.
  • When you have the opportunity, telework yourself. The experience will give you insight on the benefits and challenges of the arrangement.
  • Try to see things from a teleworker's perspective.
  • Keep your telework staff in mind when setting department goals.
  • Delegate work fairly between teleworkers and non-teleworkers.
  • Include teleworkers in daily activities. Keep an eye out for teleworkers who feel isolated.
  • Encourage communication between teleworkers and non-teleworkers.


  • Make curfew checks.
  • Check on teleworkers every hour for status updates.
  • Ignore your teleworkers.
  • Set up unrealistic deadlines.
  • Ignore problems.
  • Neglect your teleworker.
  • Set unreachable goals.
  • Expect perfection – adjustments to your telework program are inevitable.
  • Allow one unsuccessful teleworking experience to give the program a bad reputation.
  • Expect everyone to be successful at teleworking.