Unlock Gridlock Hampton Roads

Virginia Telework Week

March 7 – 11

Telework Week is a great time for businesses and their employees reaffirm their commitment to telework.  It is also a good time to test how telework can be used in a company’s Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) – snow days can be productive days.  It is also a good time for businesses currently without a telework program to test a pilot program with a group of employees.  Businesses and individuals throughout Virginia are encouraged to participate in Virginia Telework Week.

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Virginia Telework Week 2016 Champions
Business Champions
ABC Finance
Individual Champions
Megan Baker-Lee
Mary Dean

DRPT would like to thank all of the Telework Champions and the businesses and individuals that pledged for your participation in Virginia Telework Week. Your telework efforts have helped Virginia to improve traffic congestion and air quality.

Let telework work for you!

Telework!VA is the one-stop resource for businesses, individuals and government agencies looking to learn more about telework or to start or expand a telework program in Virginia.

Telework enables employees to work from home, or a location that is closer to home, for some portion of their weekly work schedule. An employee can work from home one day every other week, one day a week or more than one day a week. Telework programs can be tailored to your business and employees.

Telework!VA is an online resource to help businesses start or expand a formal telework program. By encouraging employees to perform some or all of their duties without commuting to the office, companies can help reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality and create a flexible workplace. Many businesses experience bottom line benefits from a telework program.

This website lays out a clear path to start or expand programs, provides success stories and testimonials, sample documents and policies and many other tools to help businesses get started. Resources and training modules for managers and teleworkers are also provided to help develop and implement a successful, customized telework program.

Businesses located in Virginia may qualify for tax credits to offset the costs of developing a telework program.