Telework in the News

The Future of Remote Work When it's done right, telework can improve employee productivity, creativity and morale.

Bill Gates Said You Must Offer Flexible Schedules in Order to Hire the Best Workers The Microsoft co-founder was spot on when he predicted what is now becoming the norm for happier employees. 

Teleworkers are More Productive According to Stanford Study It's time for working from home to formally find a home in your company's portfolio of engagement tools.

Will D.C. Metro Closures Make Agencies Allow More Telework?  The Office of Personnel Management has released guidance suggesting a more open telework outlook at D.C.-area agencies. 

Telework is a Great Option During Metro Shutdown Employers are urged to allow more telework and alternative work schedules for their employees during the shutdown.

A Key Federal Tax Deduction for Teleworkers is Gone Teleworkers who used to be able to write off the cost of working from home could face a higher tax bill this year. 

These 3 Remote-Work Stats Make a Strong Case for Telecommuting If your company has yet to adopt flexible scheduling, here are three statistics that might change your mind.

Agencies That Cut Telework Took a Beating in Annual Employee Survey Two federal departments that controversially made unilateral cuts to their telework programs were among the worst performers in this year's survey of federal employees' happiness and engagement. 

More Americans Now Telecommute Than Take Public Transportation to Work Driving remains the predominant form of commuting. But for the first time, the next most common is working from home. 

Federal Agencies are Told to Help Commuting Employees Cope with Metrorail Disruption Federal agencies have been urged to allow more telework and alternative work schedules for their employees during the current work on Metrorail.