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Get Started!

Starting a telework program is easier than you think. Here are steps to help you set up a telework program.

Telework Program Set Up:

  • Designate a Telework Coordinator. For larger employers, a Telework Advisory Committee might be beneficial.
  • Download the Telework!VA Organization Assessment Tool from the Telework!VA website. This document will help both the employer and Telework!VA get a better idea of how telework can best assist the organization.
  • Download a sample telework policy and agreement from the Telework!VA website.
  • Disseminate the online Telework!VA Baseline Survey to all employees (link to be provided by Telework!VA representative).
  • Disseminate the online Teleworker Self-Assessment to the appropriate employees.
  • Set goal for number of teleworkers and frequency, based on results of Telework Self-Assessments and other factors.
  • Finalize telework policy and procedures, with assistance from Telework!VA as appropriate.

Implementation Phase:

  • Hold telework launch event for employees.
  • Conduct training for teleworkers, managers, and co-workers, either online or in person.
  • Implement the telework program.

The following documents will be helpful to you during your Telework!VA participation: